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The Virtual Museum of Groundwater History is supported by the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation (NGWREF), which is focused on conducting educational activities related to a better public understanding of groundwater.

The museum features wings divided into the key aspects of the groundwater industry. Within those wings are pictures of the industry's rich history, ranging from machines and equipment of yesteryear to displays of aquifer geology samples from around the country. Many of the items in the pictures were donated to NGWREF and remain on display at the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) headquarters in Westerville, Ohio.

NGWREF appreciates all of the donations made through the years, and wants to continue adding to the virtual museum. It is always accepting high-quality digital images of items. Images must be accompanied by a detailed explanation of the item, who is donating the image, and that permission has been granted for the image to be added to the museum's collection.